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Yᴇs! I want to RP!
Prᴇfᴇr Deepᴇr Storylinᴇ

“You can't stay in your corner of the Forest waiting for others to come to you. You have to go to them sometimes.”



  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



PJ Blackheart (Unknown) TaliaLily 4:52:05 pm Kalana Woods
Sephiroth Bowenford (Kalana Woods) TaliaLily 4:50:59 pm Kalana Woods
Maike46 TaliaLily 4:45:37 pm Kalana Woods
MONIKE2014 (Kalana Woods) TaliaLily 4:40:35 pm Kalana Woods
Denzel Coy (Kalana Woods) TaliaLily 4:31:49 pm Kalana Woods
HaruJarrik (Kalana Woods) TaliaLily 4:27:42 pm Kalana Woods
TaliaLily Celine Lynwood 4:25:04 pm Kalana Woods
Celine Lynwood TaliaLily 4:24:59 pm Kalana Woods
llaivilOll TaliaLily 4:06:35 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Ahava Blackheart TaliaLily 4:03:53 pm Norvillian Outlaws
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) Anea 3:25:50 pm Helmutsport
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) Ahava Blackheart 3:25:01 pm Helmutsport

Danika Foulon TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 10:46:09 pm Helmutsport
Danika Foulon TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 10:42:38 pm Helmutsport
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) Anea 6:28:35 am Helmutsport
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) Anea 6:27:08 am Helmutsport
Anea TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 6:18:29 am Helmutsport
erisdiskordia TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 6:16:48 am Helmutsport
erisdiskordia TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 6:16:15 am Helmutsport
Anea TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 6:15:14 am Helmutsport

TaliaLily (Helmutsport) PayneDeVir 9:41:30 pm Helmutsport
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) PayneDeVir 9:38:55 pm Helmutsport
PayneDeVir TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 4:17:12 pm Helmutsport
PayneDeVir TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 4:15:56 pm Helmutsport
PayneDeVir TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 4:05:17 pm Helmutsport
Ahava Blackheart TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 4:04:55 pm Helmutsport
PayneDeVir TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 4:03:57 pm Helmutsport
Ezio Sabretooth TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 7:44:39 am Helmutsport
TaliaLily (Helmutsport) AndrewRice 7:26:05 am Helmutsport

Dalia Mayako TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 5:25:39 pm The City of Hochburg
Dalia Mayako TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 5:23:10 pm The City of Hochburg
KimberrLyn TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 5:19:48 pm The City of Hochburg
erisdiskordia TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 2:51:48 pm Helmutsport

zecamarinha (Helmutsport) TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 5:26:29 pm Helmutsport
zecamarinha (Helmutsport) TaliaLily (Helmutsport) 5:23:54 pm Helmutsport