Registered 2018-02-18 21:33:23
K/D 1:9.67
Binds 1:3.57
Bandages 1:4


See limits in picks. UK SLT + 8


  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



xCaNdY2013x (Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers) dodo8080 4:03:58 am Secret Paradise
xCaNdY2013x (Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers) dodo8080 4:02:44 am Secret Paradise

xKaneezx (Secret Bay) xCaNdY2013x 6:53:19 am Secret Bay

Agath Avon (Siba) xCaNdY2013x 3:38:26 am Secret Paradise

Mischiefness xCaNdY2013x 5:32:02 am Secret Bay
Mischiefness xCaNdY2013x 5:31:26 am Secret Bay
StingShade (Siba) xCaNdY2013x 4:40:24 am Secret Bay
xCaNdY2013x Allerd (Secret Bay) 4:11:38 am Secret Bay
Allerd (Secret Bay) xCaNdY2013x 4:11:24 am Secret Bay
xCaNdY2013x Allerd (Secret Bay) 4:04:06 am Secret Bay
xCaNdY2013x Allerd (Secret Bay) 4:03:25 am Secret Bay
Allerd (Secret Bay) xCaNdY2013x 4:00:47 am Secret Bay
Allerd (Secret Bay) xCaNdY2013x 3:58:50 am Secret Bay

younara Box (CTF, Spar & Chill) xCaNdY2013x 3:56:50 pm Village of Gimli

Gunwald Constantine xCaNdY2013x 4:08:45 am Ironwood Village
Gunwald Constantine xCaNdY2013x 4:07:26 am Ironwood Village

petitejulie Velde xCaNdY2013x 12:29:58 pm Siba
petitejulie Velde xCaNdY2013x 12:29:17 pm Siba
Loolitta Allen xCaNdY2013x 12:26:42 pm Siba

tammi4u222 Resident xCaNdY2013x 10:54:50 am Secret Bay
Hilf xCaNdY2013x 10:52:38 am Secret Bay
Thunderspawn Resident xCaNdY2013x 10:52:20 am Secret Bay
Hilf xCaNdY2013x 10:50:40 am Secret Bay

NaToth xCaNdY2013x 2:44:06 pm Secret Bay
Kirsten Klaar (Siba) xCaNdY2013x 2:41:07 pm Secret Bay
Liam Whitesong xCaNdY2013x 1:09:05 pm Tamber Gulf
Liam Whitesong xCaNdY2013x 1:07:05 pm Tamber Gulf

supremegemini xCaNdY2013x 6:43:44 am Village of Gimli
supremegemini xCaNdY2013x 6:42:36 am Village of Gimli

xCaNdY2013x Becky Weimes 12:14:33 pm Valkyrie Forest

Rikard Nova xCaNdY2013x 2:35:03 am Mirkwood Forest
Rikard Nova xCaNdY2013x 2:32:54 am Mirkwood Forest

supremegemini Resident xCaNdY2013x 1:35:58 am Valkyrie Forest
Alaya Dubratt xCaNdY2013x 1:30:57 am Secret Bay
supremegemini Resident xCaNdY2013x 1:29:11 am Secret Bay