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Hi I am from India. I am a teacher. I walk in SL with a different attitude as i feel we all are human behind an avatar so do respect it. Some people look for a true love and I do too. Hope i meet her someday.

"Life is a path to walk...You will get ups and downs.... Enjoy your ups and brace the downs" ~ My quotes



  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)




Key Voxel (TORCA) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 1:07:18 pm HochBurg
Budi Setsuko (TORCA) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:56:00 pm HochBurg
Gunwald Constantine (TORCA) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:53:21 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Andet (TORCA) 12:53:07 pm HochBurg
DouglasRafnblod sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:04:56 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Swan Enchantment (HochBurg) 12:04:42 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Shikaku Shinn (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:03:36 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Raizo Takeda (Harfax Legion) 12:01:28 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 Resident sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 11:42:59 am HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Chantalle Nightfire (Asgard Wrath) 11:40:05 am HochBurg
DouglasRafnblod sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 11:37:09 am Harfax Legion
DouglasRafnblod sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 11:35:07 am Harfax Legion
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 9:35:21 am Vosk Morass
Chelle Noel sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 9:30:11 am Vosk Morass
Chelle Noel sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 9:28:02 am Vosk Morass
MalusUnus (The Ruins) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 9:25:37 am Vosk Morass
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Chelle Noel 9:25:29 am Vosk Morass
sumantaray1986 Resident sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 5:10:24 am Talender Moon~ Scagnar...
EternalShadowMaker sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 5:10:12 am Talender Moon~ Scagnar...
EternalShadowMaker sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 4:53:41 am Mirkwood Forest
EternalShadowMaker sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 4:53:12 am Mirkwood Forest

sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Kailwulf 1:10:38 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Kailwulf 1:10:35 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) LaoiseFischer (HochBurg) 1:08:40 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Kailwulf 1:07:39 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) tequilamaya 1:06:59 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Joshuwa Mysterious (Trueshots) 1:06:07 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) Liora Kiyori 12:50:30 pm HochBurg
Liora Kiyori sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:50:29 pm HochBurg
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) PinnOne 12:49:38 pm HochBurg
Liora Kiyori sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:43:57 pm HochBurg
Joshuwa Mysterious (Trueshots) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 12:43:51 pm HochBurg
Swan Enchantment (HochBurg) sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 11:51:59 am Secret Bay
sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) JasonSakai 11:47:45 am Secret Bay
Liora Kiyori sumantaray1986 (HochBurg) 11:46:06 am Secret Bay