♥ﻜoгҩ Ⱥłønƶø-Ⱥєtєгnҩ♥ Tatrix of Gimli Kennel Mistres


Registered 2019-06-01 12:54:58
K/D 1:1.32
Binds 1.12:1
Bandages 1.03:1

ﻜoгҩ Ⱥłønƶø-Ⱥєtєгnҩ

You can vote my Avatar! For an: "Wow, great" send 10 linden or more. For an: "Oh nooo, looks bad", send 1 Linden. Will make a hitlist for the 10 best ratings over 10 $.

A world were we live our dreams, have our own fantasies and come here to leave our rl behind us for a moment. Even our feelings are real in both worlds , so dont give me your drama, even would like to be a shoulder for you..

If you plan on capturing me, give me rp

No permanent collar my roleplay is Free Woman not kajira .
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Europe..., SL Time + 9 Hours. (Dutch)


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