Registered 2018-12-09 23:22:54
K/D 1:1.37
Binds 1:1.64
Bandages 1:2.25


Not new !
On sl for 13 years.
Like to dance.
Like to chat and meet.
Like women:)/sorry guys


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  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Loose Change
    You might as well give your money away. (-10xp)
  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)



glenn11 Zac Rishmal 10:22:42 am Secret Bay

glenn11 devotina32 (Black Corsairs) 12:06:38 pm Siba

glenn11 Leahassah 10:39:41 am Secret Bay

ChubstehBunny glenn11 4:29:51 pm Broken Blossom Wilderness
SilentAngelOfTheNight (Secret Bay) glenn11 4:08:17 pm Broken Blossom Wilderness

sharrissae (Topanga Canyon) glenn11 11:02:58 am Topanga Canyon
sharrissae (Topanga Canyon) glenn11 11:01:14 am Topanga Canyon

glenn11 AurniaBB 8:37:54 am Valkyrie Forest

Inky Mercury glenn11 10:58:53 am Secret Bay
Inky Mercury glenn11 10:58:17 am Secret Bay
miriam Arabello glenn11 10:57:21 am Secret Bay
glenn11 damonia Pedalo 10:53:16 am Secret Bay
Nareisse Nandahar (Rarir) glenn11 10:52:39 am Secret Bay
glenn11 damonia Pedalo 10:51:45 am Secret Bay

Max885 glenn11 4:34:56 pm Valkyrie Forest

glenn11 damonia Pedalo 1:33:15 pm Secret Bay
glenn11 damonia Pedalo 1:33:13 pm Secret Bay
glenn11 KagneyCarter 1:32:21 pm Secret Bay
glenn11 damonia Pedalo 1:29:12 pm Secret Bay

glenn11 AurniaBB 8:04:31 am Valkyrie Forest

viki Raynier glenn11 3:39:38 am Black Corsairs
ShainaMoore (Whispering Moons / Ravens Hold) glenn11 3:36:51 am Black Corsairs

chano Burner glenn11 4:43:28 pm Topanga Canyon

Nareisse Nandahar (Schendi Savages) glenn11 12:06:15 pm Topanga Canyon
Nareisse Nandahar (Schendi Savages) glenn11 12:05:06 pm Topanga Canyon
LilBrattyk (Whispering Moons / Ravens Hold) glenn11 11:34:41 am Mirkwood Bay
Ladyesmay (Whispering Moons / Ravens Hold) glenn11 11:32:39 am Mirkwood Bay

Molly Frostbite (Mirkwood Forest) glenn11 3:06:41 am Secret Bay

glenn11 ivke3110 (Secret Bay) 2:15:52 pm Secret Bay
glenn11 ivke3110 (Secret Bay) 2:14:00 pm Secret Bay

glenn11 ThePrincessOfDarknessFall 6:03:54 pm Siba
glenn11 ThePrincessOfDarknessFall 6:01:04 pm Siba

penetroi glenn11 6:19:04 pm Secret Paradise

glenn11 ThePrincessOfDarknessFall 4:52:00 pm Topanga Canyon
glenn11 ThePrincessOfDarknessFall 4:49:45 pm Topanga Canyon