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English is not my native language - give me time
Find out more in the RP. (I'm shy)

Remember when roleplay wasn't considered an art form, when you didn't sweat over each line, and obsess over each word? There was a time when role play was playful and full of enjoyment, when you held your breath, waiting for that one magical moment.
But the new "Authorities of Para" disagree. To these Perfect Ones, roleplay is a serious endeavor, with perfectly chosen words, carefully counted to ensure the appropriately lengthy post. It seems the Perfect Ones have forgotten that one strong word, filled with meaning, is greater than a dozen words chosen from the thesaurus.
Leave perfect to those who need to fill your screen with meaningless verbiage, to those who can not share the screen with others. Remember what it feels like to be completely engaged in what you are doing, shamelessly impulsive, and instead of treating role play like work, understand that it is play...wonderful, glorious play.
Shiver, laugh, cringe and mutter, but for god's sake, HIT ENTER !!!


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