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K/D 1:1.63
Binds 1:1.53
Bandages 1:1.39

Travis Skydancer

Bi boy with a preference to male . So Ladies are not totally excluded but really depends on mood and liking.

My languages are german and english.

For gor, no cap swapping. You take me you RP me.

I do like a lot of kinky stuff and RLV. BUT being locked forever might sound great but experience shows that it never lasts very long when you have no goal to go for. So lets agree to a period, that can be several months, and at a fixed date it's release or renew.


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



TravisBoner TravisBoner 2:49:12 pm Imperial Cos : Telnus

Jennifer Elara TravisBoner 12:36:06 pm Siba
InfinityHeaven (Siba) TravisBoner 12:35:03 pm Siba

TravisBoner Tyros Galaxy (Sanctuary Continent) 1:48:31 pm Siba
staxs (Siba) TravisBoner 1:47:54 pm Siba
TravisBoner staxs (Siba) 1:47:53 pm Siba
TravisBoner wrdr 1:44:56 pm Siba
wrdr TravisBoner 1:44:55 pm Siba
Kirsten Klaar (Siba) TravisBoner 1:09:11 pm Secret Paradise
Kirsten Klaar (Siba) TravisBoner 1:07:08 pm Secret Paradise

Princescahottie (Mirkwood Forest) TravisBoner 5:16:07 pm Mirkwood Forest
Princescahottie (Mirkwood Forest) TravisBoner 5:14:59 pm Mirkwood Forest

Masongequam Lefavre TravisBoner 1:05:24 pm Rarir
Nareisse Nandahar (Rarir) TravisBoner 12:52:30 pm Valkyrie Forest
Nareisse Nandahar (Rarir) TravisBoner 12:51:29 pm Valkyrie Forest

KagneyCarter TravisBoner 5:40:12 am Valkyrie Forest
damonia Pedalo TravisBoner 5:38:20 am Valkyrie Forest

TravisBoner axelhead 10:39:54 am Valkyrie Forest

TravisBoner justrp 3:03:42 pm Mirkwood Forest

KeikoKazu (Village of Aria) TravisBoner 11:57:05 am Mirkwood Bay
KeikoKazu (Village of Aria) TravisBoner 11:55:17 am Mirkwood Bay

ShainaMoore (Whispering Moons / Ravens Hold) TravisBoner 2:53:19 pm Valkyrie Forest
CoraLynx TravisBoner 1:58:59 pm Valkyrie Forest
AshleyJo TravisBoner 1:57:25 pm Valkyrie Forest

TravisBoner Moonchild Skydancer 6:55:43 am Bae

Treasurekeeper TravisBoner 6:47:06 am Mirkwood Bay
Treasurekeeper TravisBoner 6:45:07 am Mirkwood Bay

Vienna Benelli TravisBoner 9:01:21 am Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...
Caelae (Twin Falls Village - Lydius Port) TravisBoner 8:57:55 am Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...
TravisBoner Vienna Benelli 8:54:21 am Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...
TravisBoner Vienna Benelli 8:52:37 am Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...

Hacksaw Teebrook TravisBoner 10:45:39 am Mirkwood Bay
Hacksaw Teebrook TravisBoner 10:41:45 am Mirkwood Bay

Dioni Fang TravisBoner 2:36:46 pm Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...
TravisBoner Dioni Fang 2:34:54 pm Vosk Outlands - Sa Di ...