Tarl the Larl


Registered 2017-05-23 02:27:56
K/D 1:1.23
Binds 1.32:1
Bandages 1:2.23

Tarl Daines

Tarl Alexander Daines, Son of Sidra and Alex Daines. Grandson of Meek and Collin Daines.
Proud companion of Judy.

I Started out in mIRC on dalnet. Many long years ago I owned the Three Moons of Gor Tavern (3MG) in old Yahoo Gor which had a 6 year run. After I closed it down, I have since then travelled around the many realms of Gor, finally landing here in SL. FUCK PUTIN AND HIS DAMNED WAR, AND REPUBLICANS FOR GOING SO RADICAL THAT I NO LONGER HAVE A PARTY.


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