Kєϊ Ƭємρєѕт


Registered 2018-11-16 11:37:07
K/D 1:1.4
Binds 2:1
Bandages N/A

Ϯ Jϊɧσ Kєϊ Sℓαуєr-Ƭємρєѕт Ϯ

-Ex Vita Un Nex Council and Builder
-Silent Team/ creator for The Silent Hill Experience's Silent Town in SL
-RPer in Kanishima Village (Samurai)


Jiho accept build jobs, landscaping, creating a world inside your own region~~ message me with interest in notecard.. ^^ My rate is depend size of sim and work amount.. Please no weddings or barbie kingdom! Horror and dark themes is my strongest skill, as well as fantasy, nature, asian and cyberpunk themed.


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)




ShiroTempest ShiroTempest 12:32:34 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:11:03 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:09:04 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:06:41 am Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 12:04:28 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:03:55 am Apocalypse
Falling ShiroTempest 12:02:42 am Apocalypse
Suicide ShiroTempest 12:00:44 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:00:39 am Apocalypse
Suicide ShiroTempest 12:00:33 am Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 12:00:17 am Apocalypse

ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:58:27 pm Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 11:57:31 pm Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 11:57:20 pm Apocalypse
Suicide ShiroTempest 11:56:40 pm Apocalypse
ItsJami ShiroTempest 11:56:15 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:46:51 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:46:34 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:46:08 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:44:12 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:40:11 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:38:41 pm Apocalypse
ShiroTempest ItsJami 11:35:29 pm Apocalypse