Sedgwick Xi

Sarah Nightsky


Registered 2023-04-16 16:30:59
K/D 1:1.5
Binds 1:2
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Sarah Nightsky

Everyone can piss off, you try to help and get accused of lies. You show them the real you and yet they still go out of their way to stab you in the back.


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  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)



Leda Oryl (Ice Fang) Sedgwick Xi 11:18:30 pm Ice Fang
Leda Oryl (Ice Fang) Sedgwick Xi 11:18:26 pm Ice Fang

Suicide Sedgwick Xi 4:13:12 pm Hunting Sanctuary

Lara Otsuka Sedgwick Xi 4:24:13 pm Siba
Lara Otsuka Sedgwick Xi 4:23:50 pm Siba
Lara Otsuka Sedgwick Xi 4:21:43 pm Siba

JackCorsaires Sedgwick Xi 2:34:37 pm Topanga Canyon

Sedgwick Xi Leahmyn (Topanga Canyon) 10:29:10 pm Topanga Canyon
psychoticpony Sedgwick Xi 7:06:06 pm Topanga Canyon

b3279350 Sedgwick Xi 4:56:24 pm Mirkwood Forest
b3279350 Sedgwick Xi 4:53:35 pm Mirkwood Forest
kirsten295 Sedgwick Xi 9:58:36 am Mirkwood Forest
psychoticpony Sedgwick Xi 9:56:22 am Mirkwood Forest
Sedgwick Xi EmberShadow66 (Rarir) 9:47:43 am Mirkwood Bay
Sedgwick Xi psychoticpony 9:38:59 am Topanga Canyon
Sedgwick Xi psychoticpony 9:36:07 am Topanga Canyon