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K/D 1:1.37
Binds 1:1.5
Bandages 1.5:1

Quintus T

A gladiator (of some sorts), taking first steps in Gor, an SL explorer, and so many things more.... and still very much a work under construction (do not say a mess)

Quintus had a humble up bringing... almost like a "normal" person... not kidnapped, not raped. He likes to see the world.
I am told being straight happens in the best of families, but I am happy I am not like that ;)

O! I might need a job...


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Jonny Zifanwe QuintusMarcTonatiuh 11:00:37 am Romanum
Claudion QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:56:36 am Romanum

Jonny Zifanwe QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:58:43 am Romanum
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Claudion QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:39:27 am Romanum

zechel Carter QuintusMarcTonatiuh 1:55:20 pm The Lakes

QuintusMarcTonatiuh SkySunwalker (KYME) 10:49:12 am Romanum

Jonny Zifanwe QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:56:21 am Romanum
QuintusMarcTonatiuh SkySunwalker (KYME) 10:51:20 am Romanum
Tybalt Caproni QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:46:27 am Romanum

Claudion Resident QuintusMarcTonatiuh 11:04:24 am Romanum
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Jonny Zifanwe QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:50:33 am Romanum
jln55109 QuintusMarcTonatiuh 10:47:05 am Romanum

QuintusMarcTonatiuh MarcAnton Zehetbauer 2:28:02 pm Romanum III

MarcAnton Zehetbauer QuintusMarcTonatiuh 2:05:10 pm Romanum III
QuintusMarcTonatiuh Fred Idesma 1:59:18 pm Romanum III

Claudion QuintusMarcTonatiuh 11:01:04 am Romanum
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