Ezzy Constantine


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Eazeralia Constantine-Gurbux

Fun stuff happens here in SL and I tend to do them. I have many different Avis; a furry life, a human life, a fairy life, and a Vampire life.

RP is so much fun to me, it is like creating a story. I can go from three sentence RP's to Multiple Paragraphs. I prefer the Multi paragraphs however, since it adds more to the story we are creating. The RP's I do and the effects it has on me, it is precious...


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  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



Sulkadahl (Topanga Canyon) PapillonKiwi 1:23:33 pm Topanga Canyon
PapillonKiwi Sulkadahl (Topanga Canyon) 1:23:30 pm Topanga Canyon
Hypr Nova (Home of The Legion - Conquerors of Gor) PapillonKiwi 1:17:45 pm Topanga Canyon

blackwolf00011 PapillonKiwi 5:12:08 pm Secret Bay
blackwolf00011 PapillonKiwi 5:11:03 pm Secret Bay
RaihanChy (Mystic River Cove) PapillonKiwi 4:35:50 am Topanga Canyon
RaihanChy (Mystic River Cove) PapillonKiwi 4:33:30 am Topanga Canyon

Marjani Tracer (Topanga Canyon) PapillonKiwi 7:44:38 pm Topanga Canyon
Ryuk Voxel (Tri'Moon Panthers) PapillonKiwi 7:38:46 pm Topanga Canyon
Agath Avon (Siba) PapillonKiwi 2:30:18 pm Siba
Agath Avon (Siba) PapillonKiwi 2:29:28 pm Siba
NaToth (Siba) PapillonKiwi 2:27:19 pm Siba

Spencer Tombola (DSO) PapillonKiwi 2:28:02 pm Topanga Canyon
Spencer Tombola (DSO) PapillonKiwi 2:25:54 pm Topanga Canyon

PapillonKiwi PapillonKiwi 7:00:28 pm Sunholm Highland
nomodan (Aurum Realm) PapillonKiwi 4:56:44 pm Sunholm Highland
nomodan (Aurum Realm) PapillonKiwi 4:54:27 pm Sunholm Highland
nomodan (Aurum Realm) PapillonKiwi 3:48:01 pm Sunholm Highland
nomodan (Aurum Realm) PapillonKiwi 3:45:40 pm Sunholm Highland

RaihanChy (Mystic River Cove) PapillonKiwi 5:59:44 am Siba
RaihanChy (Mystic River Cove) PapillonKiwi 5:56:41 am Siba

ArzishIR PapillonKiwi 12:51:47 pm Topanga Canyon
ArzishIR PapillonKiwi 12:49:18 pm Topanga Canyon

PapillonKiwi PapillonKiwi 7:33:00 am Rive-de-Bois (FR)
graliron PapillonKiwi 7:32:43 am Rive-de-Bois (FR)
graliron PapillonKiwi 7:30:28 am Rive-de-Bois (FR)

Drowning PapillonKiwi 3:53:52 pm Mirkwood Bay
Corentin Enoch PapillonKiwi 8:27:19 am Topanga Canyon
Corentin Enoch PapillonKiwi 8:26:58 am Topanga Canyon
graliron PapillonKiwi 8:23:54 am Topanga Canyon

PapillonKiwi Poldor 10:14:16 am Topanga Canyon
PapillonKiwi Poldor 10:12:19 am Topanga Canyon

JasonSakai (LR Weapons /WTF) PapillonKiwi 11:19:08 am Topanga Canyon
Sonny Homebuilder PapillonKiwi 11:17:46 am Topanga Canyon

arka88110 PapillonKiwi 9:57:49 am Topanga Canyon