Neji Graves

Dαriцs тнe Drαцgг Hellvegen Chieftain


Registered 2017-07-10 17:29:39
K/D 5.36:1
Binds 3.75:1
Bandages 3.55:1

Dαriцs Ŧorĸвeard

Real-Life me:

I'm all about honesty and loyalty, with a straightforward approach to life. I value genuine connections and always encourage others to reach out and say hi. Don't let my rough edges fool you—I'm easy to talk to and appreciate openness in all interactions..

My character: Darius Forkbeard (Graves):

Graves, once a skilled assassin known for his ruthlessness and precision, now finds himself a weathered figure in the North. Afflicted by a mysterious virus during a mission, he was prematurely aged and forced to retreat to the rugged terrain to seek refuge. Despite the toll the illness has taken on his body, Graves remains a steadfast presence, his past marked by shadows and secrecy. Using his father's name as a shield from his former life, he navigates the challenges of survival in the unforgiving landscape, his loyalty and resilience unwavering in the face of adversity.


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