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Registered 2017-05-22 16:46:38
K/D 1:1.19
Binds 1.92:1
Bandages 1.1:1

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  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



MoisaLee (TORCA) sunshine Mellow (HochBurg) 2:34:44 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Lacey Knickers (Sigridfjord) 2:34:14 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) kostasgreece (Brundisium) 2:33:59 pm TORCA
Key Voxel (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:33:18 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Key Voxel (TORCA) 2:33:16 pm TORCA
Lucilina (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:31:56 pm TORCA
kostasgreece (Brundisium) MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:29:35 pm TORCA
CynricSaxon (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:54:46 pm HochBurg
suzy Seerose (Norvillian Outlaws) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:52:34 pm HochBurg
MoisaLee (TORCA) Tatianna Starostin 12:37:19 pm Marsh Wood
MoisaLee (TORCA) Athenodoria (Norvillian Outlaws) 12:36:25 pm Marsh Wood
MoisaLee (TORCA) OoopsychobitchooO (Marsh Wood) 12:35:54 pm Marsh Wood
MoisaLee (TORCA) evival (Marsh Wood) 12:35:44 pm Marsh Wood
Liora Kiyori MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:15:32 pm Argentum Mines
Liora Kiyori MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:14:23 pm Argentum Mines
Key Voxel (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:13:12 pm Argentum Mines
MoisaLee (TORCA) Joshuwa Mysterious (Trueshots) 11:56:58 am TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Envy Baar (Argentum Mines) 11:56:55 am TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Argea Robbiani (Asgard Wrath) 11:55:11 am TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Cezane Diavolo 11:35:22 am TORCA

Jmi Magic (Marsh Wood) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:27:50 pm Marsh Wood
unholy Toxx (Marsh Wood) MoisaLee (TORCA) 12:25:04 pm Marsh Wood
MoisaLee (TORCA) Cani Bing (Marsh Wood) 12:07:44 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) Budi Setsuko (TORCA) 12:06:56 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) XvxStormyxvX (Marsh Wood) 12:06:24 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) chrystal Melody (Marsh Wood) 12:05:52 pm TORCA
MoisaLee (TORCA) PapercutKirigami (Stygia) 11:25:14 am Worst Sinners

Andet (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:21:56 pm HochBurg
thalassinh MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:21:18 pm HochBurg
MoisaLee (TORCA) thalassinh 2:21:18 pm HochBurg
MoisaLee (TORCA) CynricSaxon (TORCA) 2:12:09 pm HochBurg
CynricSaxon (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 2:11:57 pm HochBurg
MoisaLee (TORCA) LaoiseFischer (HochBurg) 2:11:23 pm HochBurg
CynricSaxon (TORCA) MoisaLee (TORCA) 1:22:24 pm Marsh Wood
Alina Heslop MoisaLee (TORCA) 1:20:38 pm Marsh Wood