Luria Irelund



Registered 2017-04-22 18:01:27
K/D 1:3.18
Binds 1:1.91
Bandages 1:1.17


"I dance a tune no one else can hear"
I have been here a long time, I enjoy exploring & spending time with friends. We all are here for one reason or another, I will except your reason so please reciprocate. but I'm also happy to chat to most peoplem just say hi.
I am not a sub, slave or any version in between, nor wish to be but I will realistically roleplay most roles.
I am past replying to every expression of interest or kink. I feel absolutely no reason to explain myself or my choices. Do not expect one.
Kindness is a behavior, it takes so little effort to be kind to someone even if you may disagree. There is already enough hatred and anger in our real life world, lets not bring it here too. Be different, be kind.
Please see picks for more info or just ask....=)

*****No capture unless pre-arranged****


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