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K/D 1:1.22
Binds 1:1.63
Bandages 1:1.7


Nice pic between 2 old friends:)
I like to meet new people to experience adventure and fun..

limits:No!Sex with men !!
And no!Rp Mutilations and death!


Junaide does not belong to any groups.


  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)
  • Loose Change
    You might as well give your money away. (-10xp)
  • Waterlogged
    You're now one with the fish. (25xp)



Junaide lacas Adamczyk 2:24:18 pm Valkyrie Forest

Junaide Allerd (Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers) 12:35:52 pm Siba
Junaide Allerd (Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers) 12:33:52 pm Siba

Ninja Foxdale Junaide 2:50:38 pm Ice Fang
Verna McWinnie Junaide 2:47:59 pm Ice Fang

NyotaNyah (Teslit Forest) Junaide 2:45:55 pm Secret Paradise
NyotaNyah (Teslit Forest) Junaide 2:42:38 pm Secret Paradise

Junaide NyotaNyah (Teslit Forest) 2:25:19 pm Topanga Canyon
Junaide NyotaNyah (Teslit Forest) 2:22:50 pm Topanga Canyon
Junaide Junaide 1:52:56 pm Valkyrie Forest

WaterNimph Junaide 5:51:07 pm Secret Paradise

Lusi Darkrose (Secret Bay) Junaide 2:55:39 pm Black Corsairs

Ericasmiles Junaide 5:50:33 pm Secret Paradise
Ericasmiles Junaide 5:49:05 pm Secret Paradise
Junaide Liaravoom 5:42:03 pm Secret Paradise
eratostenea Junaide 5:29:09 pm Ice Fang
Junaide EmberShadow66 (Secret Bay) 5:22:20 pm Ice Fang
peppermintsnap (LR Weapons / Ghost Stronghold) Junaide 5:17:41 pm Ice Fang
Junaide EmberShadow66 (Secret Bay) 5:13:20 pm Ice Fang

Drowning Junaide 4:11:08 pm Black Corsairs
Drowning Junaide 4:05:53 pm Black Corsairs
Junaide Lisa12 Shim 3:55:52 pm Secret Paradise

Junaide Amanda Oberts 6:12:28 am Secret Bay

Creative Enchantment (Secret Bay) Junaide 2:38:01 pm Secret Bay
Creative Enchantment (Secret Bay) Junaide 2:37:29 pm Secret Bay
wonutt (Secret Bay) Junaide 2:36:13 pm Secret Bay
Junaide Sexy Spirt (Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers) 2:35:47 pm Secret Bay
Skjoge (Siba) Junaide 2:12:43 pm Topanga Canyon

Junaide Junaide 1:49:30 pm Valkyrie Forest

Jae Kiko Junaide 7:23:57 pm Siba
Jae Kiko Junaide 7:06:01 pm Secret Paradise

tequilamaya (Isles of Tira) Junaide 1:17:12 pm Topanga Canyon
tequilamaya (Isles of Tira) Junaide 1:00:47 pm Rarir
tequilamaya (Isles of Tira) Junaide 12:59:17 pm Rarir

damonia Pedalo Junaide 12:05:20 pm Secret Bay