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Judy Daines

* John Norman was a crappy writer, please ,dont make the things worse . (stolen from Tudu )

[16:43] Feather (Alarica Lutrova): well, you see Judy--- today struts in all fabulous and then struts out like a diva, the sun takes a beauty nap, and then it's tomorrow. Wash, rinse, repeat and suddenly Jan becomes June then December!

****************seeking a family******************

*people say "Fuck you " in different ways ..you just have to pay attention*

"One of the most cowardly things ordinary people do is to shut their eyes to facts."🫣🧐
-C.S. Lewis
***********Companion to Commander Tarl Daines *********************

)O( ..."If you reveal your secrets to the Wind, you should not blame the Wind for revealing them to the trees."... )O(
~ Gibran

12:56:36] Yoda Mactavish: We are the NASCAR fans of role playing: many of us are only here for the crashes.

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TY Phoenix for the pic!


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