Registered 2017-08-10 19:38:13
K/D 1:1.36
Binds 1:2.8
Bandages 1.25:1


Looking For a petted or live Legendary Mini


HeroshimaKusinagi does not belong to any groups.


  • Easy Way Out
    Don't you feel special. (-50xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



HeroshimaKusinagi Tameme Ellisson 2:16:45 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor
HeroshimaKusinagi Tameme Ellisson 2:14:40 pm Port Kar - Raiders of Gor

Blair Talaj (Forests of Gor - BtB Outpost & Dani's Band & Gazette Office) HeroshimaKusinagi 7:33:17 pm Lydius

CutterWolf Resident HeroshimaKusinagi 9:18:12 am Olni
CutterWolf Resident HeroshimaKusinagi 9:15:33 am Olni

Suicide HeroshimaKusinagi 5:39:35 pm ~Gortuga~
elegantbeauty1 Resident HeroshimaKusinagi 5:36:19 pm ~Gortuga~

HeroshimaKusinagi elegantbeauty1 6:30:43 pm Farnacium Port
HeroshimaKusinagi elegantbeauty1 6:29:39 pm Farnacium Port
Hypr Nova (Stygia) HeroshimaKusinagi 3:34:50 pm Kandor Outlaws
Key Voxel HeroshimaKusinagi 3:33:57 pm Kandor Outlaws

HeroshimaKusinagi neil Claridge 8:36:17 pm Two Scimitars

Divinaa Bonetto (Fjallheimili Fjord) HeroshimaKusinagi 5:43:03 pm Norvillian Outlaws
lilith Aria HeroshimaKusinagi 5:42:03 pm Norvillian Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Euryalina (Fjallheimili Fjord) 5:40:42 pm Norvillian Outlaws
JusticeAnn HeroshimaKusinagi 5:35:19 pm Norvillian Outlaws

HeroshimaKusinagi HeroshimaKusinagi 7:48:14 pm Kandor Outlaws
Furry Fireguard (Dark Sword Outlaws) HeroshimaKusinagi 7:36:03 pm Kandor Outlaws
Crimson Chun HeroshimaKusinagi 7:34:35 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Abble Kayor 7:34:15 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Callie Claridge 7:34:03 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi HeroshimaKusinagi 9:38:19 am Farnacium Port
Falling HeroshimaKusinagi 9:37:30 am Farnacium Port

elegantbeauty1 (Colpus Outlaws) HeroshimaKusinagi 5:20:30 pm Kandor Outlaws
Kristina987 HeroshimaKusinagi 5:13:33 pm Kandor Outlaws
Io Eleonara HeroshimaKusinagi 5:12:34 pm Kandor Outlaws
Io Eleonara HeroshimaKusinagi 5:07:33 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Io Eleonara 5:07:33 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Kristina987 5:07:07 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi 1David Teichmann (Saphronicus Stronghold) 5:05:03 pm Kandor Outlaws
elegantbeauty1 (Colpus Outlaws) HeroshimaKusinagi 5:03:00 pm Kandor Outlaws
Kristina987 HeroshimaKusinagi 4:59:16 pm Kandor Outlaws
Purity Restless HeroshimaKusinagi 4:57:02 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi Purity Restless 4:57:01 pm Kandor Outlaws
HeroshimaKusinagi elegantbeauty1 (Colpus Outlaws) 4:54:02 pm Kandor Outlaws