Geeva Acer



Registered 2018-05-31 11:39:37
K/D 1:3.75
Binds 1:3.36
Bandages N/A


If I wanted to play a game, I would have got out a joystick and would have not been here.

Life is too short for overdose of seriousness in here..

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Elzbieta98 Geeva Acer 6:55:27 am Secret Bay
Elzbieta98 Geeva Acer 6:54:22 am Secret Bay

GarethMalory (Ankhu) Geeva Acer 12:13:53 pm Ankhu

FleurShinohara Geeva Acer 3:29:20 pm Village of Gimli
Raven Acajou Geeva Acer 12:06:45 pm Tharna City
Raven Acajou Geeva Acer 12:05:38 pm Tharna City

Geeva Acer Geeva Acer 4:53:17 pm Village of Gimli
Lorilei McCullough (The Eternity) Geeva Acer 4:48:12 pm Village of Gimli

Geeva Acer Geeva Acer 7:17:01 am Northern Forest & The ...
Manwa Pastorelli Geeva Acer 7:11:49 am Northern Forest & The ...

JaniceLJiack (Ukungu) Geeva Acer 12:32:33 pm Village of Gimli
RebellaSensuella Geeva Acer 12:12:18 pm Village of Gimli

Kyra Gynoid (Secret Bay) Geeva Acer 1:23:17 pm Village of Gimli

RebellaSensuella Geeva Acer 2:52:10 pm Village of Gimli

Tatsuo Takeda Geeva Acer 1:13:20 pm Sa'ng Gretuk Panthers

Vitallinae2021 Geeva Acer 1:08:41 pm Village of Gimli

Menander Blaisdale Geeva Acer 12:50:03 pm Thentis Mountain Road
Geeva Acer Menander Blaisdale 12:43:00 pm Thentis Mountain Road

Lana Genezzia Geeva Acer 1:21:30 pm Tarna Nykusia

LyLeah Silverblade (Sa San Tu) Geeva Acer 11:37:45 am Sa San Tu

Wabberz (Mirkwood Forest) Geeva Acer 2:12:17 pm Valkyrie Forest
DragonFate Geeva Acer 11:25:56 am Valkyrie Forest
DragonFate Geeva Acer 11:24:23 am Valkyrie Forest

Geeva Acer Menander Blaisdale 1:14:17 pm Isle Of Haven
Geeva Acer Menander Blaisdale 1:12:45 pm Isle Of Haven

AshlynWainright (Topanga Canyon) Geeva Acer 11:30:39 am Secret Bay

Gladia Giano Geeva Acer 7:41:07 am Venna and Caphyae
Gladia Giano Geeva Acer 3:42:44 am Venna and Caphyae

YuiKimura69 Geeva Acer 1:37:10 pm Village of Gimli

Ginger Gill (Whispering Moons / Northlast) Geeva Acer 12:06:04 pm Tri'Moon Panthers

Geeva Acer Geeva Acer 11:01:27 am Ki Kara Panthers / Dor...

TodesRose Geeva Acer 1:49:32 pm Ki Kara Panthers / Dor...
TodesRose Geeva Acer 1:46:40 pm Ki Kara Panthers / Dor...

Shauni Jules (Tri'Moon Panthers and Darkport Pirates) Geeva Acer 2:59:55 pm Tri'Moon Panthers

nomodan Geeva Acer 1:32:35 pm An Aird