ButterflyInACage Foxpaws

~ Bri ~ ~The Original Butterfly~ ~Currently Unowned~


Registered 2018-10-20 17:44:51
K/D 1:26
Binds 1:7
Bandages 1:1

Briana Cicuta Maculata Rosebay

~Bri is a camp slave of the Sa'ne Asoka panther tribe.

~Bri enjoys pleasing her Mistress and her family and loves extensive roleplay.

~She does not like drama

~She reserves the right to unbind and TP out of a situation if it is not pleasing to her or if it is upsetting to her.

~If you know something about Bri's RL that no one else knows, show some respect and DO NOT spread it around like wildfire.


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