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K/D 1:1.34
Binds 1.46:1
Bandages 1:1.2

Bɾყαɳ MƈժσɯҽӀӀ



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  • You Failure
    But i'll award you this achievement anyway. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



Markiouss BryanMcDowell 1:29:59 pm Outcast Outlaws
Divinaa Bonetto (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 1:26:53 pm Outcast Outlaws
GiovanniDomiziani (Kalana Woods) BryanMcDowell 12:48:59 pm Asgard Wrath
xoxAlitaxox BryanMcDowell 12:47:29 pm Asgard Wrath
BryanMcDowell Elena Audebarn 12:47:10 pm Asgard Wrath
BryanMcDowell Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) 12:31:19 pm Asgard Wrath
EdenRose Sharple BryanMcDowell 12:31:11 pm Asgard Wrath

Raijin Winkler (Argentum Mines) BryanMcDowell 2:33:00 pm Outcast Outlaws
Denzel Coy (Kalana Woods) BryanMcDowell 2:31:01 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell Thalia Whybrow 2:30:15 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) 1:49:06 pm Legendary Of Gor
BryanMcDowell d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) 1:47:40 pm Legendary Of Gor
EdenRose Sharple BryanMcDowell 1:47:06 pm Legendary Of Gor
d8nger (Outcast Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 1:43:47 pm Legendary Of Gor
sunshine Mellow (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 12:52:24 pm Norvillian Outlaws
Ferina Foxdale (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 12:48:50 pm Norvillian Outlaws

LikaMooN (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 3:57:25 pm Outcast Outlaws
LikaMooN (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 3:55:08 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell JusticeAnn (Norvillian Outlaws) 3:54:37 pm Outcast Outlaws
LittIeMouse (Saints of Gor) BryanMcDowell 3:52:13 pm Outcast Outlaws
Raijin Winkler (Argentum Mines) BryanMcDowell 3:46:15 pm Outcast Outlaws
Antonio Memo (Outcast Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 2:47:09 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell LaoiseFischer 2:45:06 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell Tewks Davidov 2:44:24 pm Outcast Outlaws
LittIeMouse (Saints of Gor) BryanMcDowell 2:42:42 pm Outcast Outlaws

BryanMcDowell lynchen (Argentum Mines) 4:35:32 pm Argentum Mines
BryanMcDowell pirate Karillion 4:34:50 pm Argentum Mines
BryanMcDowell BeastofBodmin 4:34:22 pm Argentum Mines
BryanMcDowell gabbygabitza (Norvillian Outlaws) 4:32:36 pm Argentum Mines
BryanMcDowell Purgatory Daysleeper (Outcast Outlaws) 4:31:55 pm Argentum Mines
Purgatory Daysleeper (Outcast Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 4:31:52 pm Argentum Mines
Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) BryanMcDowell 4:31:10 pm Argentum Mines
BeastofBodmin BryanMcDowell 4:29:09 pm Argentum Mines
BryanMcDowell Ferina Foxdale (Norvillian Outlaws) 3:17:55 pm Outcast Outlaws
BryanMcDowell Raizo Takeda (Norvillian Outlaws) 3:17:19 pm Outcast Outlaws