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K/D 1:3.14
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Bandages 2.9:1


Restarting my Gorean Roleplay taking her back to where it began - see picks

Here to have fun and enjoy myself. I am looking for an owner that can excite my mind and bring out my completely submissive nature.

I work at the Twisted Orchid Fetish and BDSM Club - see my pics for more details - as a slave/dancer


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  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



Kalevala8 (Jungles of Ushindi) BrokenSoul001 1:28:37 pm Gudvangen
Sybila Viatruso BrokenSoul001 1:27:32 pm Gudvangen
Palen Cale BrokenSoul001 1:13:44 pm Gudvangen
Leda Oryl (Gudvangen) BrokenSoul001 1:08:57 pm Gudvangen

BIackKnight BrokenSoul001 9:55:27 pm Siba
BIackKnight BrokenSoul001 9:53:45 pm Siba

Kalevala8 (Jungles of Ushindi) BrokenSoul001 5:55:20 pm Jungles of Ushindi
Christina Francis BrokenSoul001 5:52:26 pm Jungles of Ushindi

xKaneezx (Topanga Canyon) BrokenSoul001 10:09:11 pm Talender Moon ~ Golden...
xKaneezx (Topanga Canyon) BrokenSoul001 10:07:18 pm Talender Moon ~ Golden...

Tashia Redrose BrokenSoul001 5:48:47 pm Owl

BrokenSoul001 LinaoftheForest 12:42:48 pm Genesian Port
BrokenSoul001 LinaoftheForest 12:42:42 pm Genesian Port

BrokenSoul001 Sara Bloodrose 10:09:25 pm Genesian Port
BrokenSoul001 Sara Bloodrose 10:07:35 pm Genesian Port

Liam Whitesong BrokenSoul001 12:24:25 pm Genesian Port
Deioneus (Genesian Port) BrokenSoul001 12:22:48 pm Genesian Port

BrokenSoul001 AlexavanBoron 11:33:19 am Talender Moon
BrokenSoul001 AlexavanBoron 11:31:29 am Talender Moon

Sara Bloodrose BrokenSoul001 9:35:09 pm Talender Moon
BrokenSoul001 Joni Villota (Black Corsairs) 9:33:17 pm Talender Moon
mialee1996 BrokenSoul001 9:32:31 pm Talender Moon
LilBrattyk BrokenSoul001 9:30:46 pm Talender Moon
Marishka Coba (Mirkwood Forest) BrokenSoul001 12:02:50 pm Mirkwood Forest
Marishka Coba (Mirkwood Forest) BrokenSoul001 11:59:47 am Mirkwood Forest
Romina Werefox BrokenSoul001 11:52:05 am Mirkwood Forest

BrokenSoul001 mialee1996 10:37:34 pm Mirkwood Forest
BrokenSoul001 Demon Rainier 2:25:12 pm Talender Moon
BrokenSoul001 Demon Rainier 2:23:39 pm Talender Moon

Eskyrina Resident BrokenSoul001 3:50:33 pm Talender Moon
beth Sheryffe BrokenSoul001 3:47:43 pm Talender Moon
littleblackkittycat1979 (Black Corsairs) BrokenSoul001 3:45:37 pm Talender Moon
BrokenSoul001 littleblackkittycat1979 (Black Corsairs) 3:45:35 pm Talender Moon
CamilleClabeaux BrokenSoul001 12:02:50 am Siba

CamilleClabeaux BrokenSoul001 11:58:51 pm Siba