Blanca Alonzo

ɃłȺnȼȺ Ⱥłønƶø


Registered 2019-07-14 20:54:50
K/D 1:11.09
Binds 1:6
Bandages 1:1.28

ɃłȺnȼȺ Ⱥłønƶø


Hello you, my name is ɃłȺnȼȺ Ⱥłønƶø. Once called Sina Sinister. Or maybe I should say "The real Sina Sinister". Changing my name and hair seemed like a good way to hide.

I Was raised by my Granddad, not such good manners, but I know how to sail and survive. I will always find a way to
escape and find my way home.


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