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Hello Everyone,

I'm semi-retired and here to relax and take my mind off things. RL is RL and SL is SL - lets not forget that! NO SL RELATIONSHIPS - NO EXCEPTIONS! They are just too painful!!!

I'm a mother of 3 boys and I'm from Wales (hence sometimes I look like a dragon) but brought up in the leafy Suburbs of Surrey near London.

Still waiting for the final episode of the new Challenge TV program to be aired on UKCH5. Maybe I should not have spent so long on Radio as the TV viewers seem to have forgotten me!

Sometimes - as a woman - you stand by someone when no one else will - because you love them. People around you are telling you what's happening in your absence but you choose to dismiss their claims! In the end - you realise you're just leaving yourself open to emotional harm - but for some reason - you can't dismiss what happened between you! Why do we leave ourselves open to such harm???

It shouldn't matter 'where' we are on this planet - we should all be 'one'! I watched the 2024 launch of the Space X Rocket to take 3 USA Astronauts and 1 Russian Cosmo Naught to the ISS and the reporter was asked "Is that not a confrontational issue with what's going on in Ukraine right now?" The NASA official simply replied " In Space - We HAVE to work together! I hope one day that that will be reflected upon the population of our sweet Earth!"

We are ALL on this one big Space Ship 'together' - It's called Mother Earth and we ALL need to start looking after IT - and OURSELVES! Let stop the fighting - and lets be friends for once! Please??? Remember the Christmas Carol: Peace on Earth and Good Will to ALL Mankind! Hugs you all!

My Favourite song!!! If you 'really' want to change lives - please watch this: People have asked "What's it like to be rich?" - Well as I have found out - I am only as rich as those who know me - and not as rich as those who 'think' they do! (I had to word that carefully)! Laughs! My favourite thing to do with my money has become to HELP others. Which is why I have downsized my home - am thinking of putting my other home up for sale - and putting that money into helping others too! My charity to supprt the projects we did during Challenge Anneka is still running but although I'm old now. I still WANT to do more! I just can't seem to stop! Put the Box either next to the Truck or the Chopper and I'll step out and slide in! Smiles

Regards, Annie
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