Registered 2021-09-07 19:55:55
K/D 1:2.17
Binds 1:2.67
Bandages 1.15:1


No answer, no interest in conversation !

No trouble required and needed , NO DRAMA

Friends always welcome if we know us not only 2 days




  • Heavy Saver
    I'll keep that safe for you, promise. (25xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



Anastassiaengineer Feather25 6:31:25 pm Hidden Forest

Lance Lavarock Anastassiaengineer 3:49:51 pm Uppsala

Anastassiaengineer melidius 2:54:07 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 2:48:42 pm Uppsala

melidius Anastassiaengineer 6:44:56 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 6:42:54 pm Uppsala

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Feather25 6:32:41 pm Siba
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Feather25 6:31:12 pm Siba
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Feather25 6:22:37 pm Siba

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) melidius 6:15:40 pm Mirkwood Forest
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) melidius 6:15:00 pm Mirkwood Forest
melidius Anastassiaengineer 5:03:00 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 5:02:04 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 5:01:20 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 5:00:55 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 4:59:38 pm Uppsala
melidius Anastassiaengineer 4:58:48 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 4:57:34 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 4:56:49 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 4:56:37 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 4:56:15 pm Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer melidius 4:55:05 pm Uppsala

Anastassiaengineer Ian Lockjaw 9:42:19 am Uppsala
Anastassiaengineer Flavi3n 9:40:17 am Uppsala

Anastassiaengineer kazera Coen 11:57:16 am Uppsala

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) TonyBallard 12:27:55 pm Lost Ruins of Schendi

melidius Resident Anastassiaengineer 4:34:41 pm Jungle of Sin

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Leilargenta 12:11:31 pm UPPSALA

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Leilargenta 4:04:55 pm UPPSALA

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Leilargenta 12:50:48 pm UPPSALA

Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) kazera Coen 1:58:59 pm UPPSALA
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) 1:58:45 pm UPPSALA
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) kazera Coen 1:56:13 pm UPPSALA
Anastassiaengineer (UPPSALA) kazera Coen 1:54:00 pm UPPSALA

Anastassiaengineer Resident Anastassiaengineer 12:05:14 pm UPPSALA