Ana Voxel

Ana of Turia Rogue/Assassin (Black) Master Alchemist (Green) (Roleplay Preferred) (Ask for Notecard)


Registered 2018-09-06 18:11:38
Binds N/A
Bandages N/A

Ana Voxel

Cynical Sadistic Sociopathic Homoflexible Tsundere
I'm AFK and/or busy... a lot. Poke me in IM!
I'm usually blunt, sarcastic, and come across as rude.
I typo a lot due to medical conditions. Get over it.
More info in Picks.

Partnered with my Best Friend!

I may be playful...
But if you even consider trying: I'm super picky and sadistic.

I dislike child avatars. Nothing personal.

If you're an entitled/sensitive twat: Fuck your opinion!


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