Aine Bellisserian



Registered 2017-10-19 21:48:55
K/D 1.2:1
Binds 1:1.39
Bandages 1.59:1

Aine Bellisserian

See Picks for 'Roleplaying with Aine' in Gor
The more No this and thats in your profile the less likely I am to RP you at all
SLT +2

A Sense of humor
IC Drama & Adventure

Polluters, If you play loud gestures chances are you are muted already
Buying things no modify
OOC Drama

🔆Avoid me if you will TP out if I stop entertaining you for ten minutes
🔆DO NOT engage me in combat if you do not RP
🔆IF you want RP stay out of my IMs, if you start by IMing me you have set an OOC tone and I will be saying to you that way even if I emote things there


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