• How do I get the zCS meter?
    You can find dispensers for the zcs meter at zcs registered sims. You can find a few regions on the getting started article.
  • Who made the zCS system?
    The zCS system is made primarily by Twifi (Twifi Shamen), Pluto (Slightly Opaque), Frank (Frankenbear Writer) and Prophet (Nightmare Rain). Deccan Arida and Xavier Rhiannyr have also contributed to the system.

    No one else speaks on behalf of zCS.
  • Where does the name come from?
    zCS stands for zCS Combat System (recursive acronym).
  • Does the zCS use code from any other meter/system?
  • Why did you make the zCS?
    There was no maintained secure, open and free combat system for medieval regions, contributing to a decline in these types of regions.

    Because we enjoy them, like many others, we decided to-do something about it and reduce the un-needed headaches caused by systems of the past.
Security / Data
  • Someone told me the zCS steals my ip, account, linden, hair, chicken nuggets, dolphins etc.
    It's not possible for a script to do any of these things in SL.

    Haters will always hate.
  • My zCS profile is outdated compared to Second Life, why?
    It can take up to 24 hours for Second Life to "push" your profile changes to other services, including the zCS profile service.

    When this happens, the system will update automatically.
  • What's my zCS password?
    Your zCS password is different to your Second Life password and is needed to login without going through the HUD. It is randomly generated when you first attach the meter. You can reset it with /32 account reset .

    Passwords are sent encrypted between your computer and the server.
  • Do I need to re-configure my settings after each update?
    No. zCS stores its settings files in "the cloud". Your label, gender, soundset, mode etc are all restored when attaching a new meter.
  • How do I delete my zCS profile?
    Wearing the meter, click the HUD, click Profile and click Disable. Your zCS profile will be deleted, repeat the same steps to re-enable.
  • I deleted my profile, how do I get it back?
    Repeat the same process to delete it. Click your HUD, click Profile and click Delete. Alternatively use /32 profile toggle