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ICE ISLAND--Skadi Dreyma Vikings


Modern Gor (GE)

Region Type

Estate / Full Region 30k


10 months ago



Skaďi Dreyma Vikings
The Death Dream Vikings, we are Hagalaz. We are the wrath of nature. We are the uncontrolled forces. We shall fight to protect our lands until the day we meet our end in battle, and feast in the halls of Valhalla!! Fight wit

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  • 40% Pickaxe
    40% pickaxe (slave damage) is enabled.
  • Beasts
    Beasts will take reduced damage.
Captures 60
Binds 35
Bandages 35
Kills 0
Aids 16
Resets 2
Last Synced 5 minutes ago



Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Hilf 2:12:00 pm

Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Goldream95 1:27:26 pm
Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Hilf 1:25:24 pm

Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Typhoon666 8:00:58 am

eddie Dashuria (Untamed Chaos) Subantha (Three Moons Wagon Camp) 5:50:45 am

Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Onikuma 11:18:57 pm
Devaki Daines Kiliank 10:51:05 am
Raijin Winkler (Argentum Mines) Kiliank 10:49:09 am
Raijin Winkler (Argentum Mines) Iklin Loxely 10:48:41 am
Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Typhoon666 10:37:47 am
Darksparrow (Saints of Gor) Typhoon666 10:36:45 am

MicheleFermion Resident eddie Dashuria (Untamed Chaos) 5:04:22 pm

sunnie Crumb (TORCA) LauraSofia1992 (Belnend) 7:31:27 pm
keymosabi (TORCA) MicheleFermion 7:28:41 pm
Cameron Xenno LauraSofia1992 (Belnend) 7:27:06 pm
keymosabi (TORCA) MicheleFermion 7:26:36 pm
MicheleFermion sosla Beck 6:56:33 pm
Passion Askham (ICE ISLAND--Skadi Dreyma Vikings) sosla Beck 6:55:11 pm

GypsyEsmeralda Luriah (Saphronicus Stronghold) 8:08:59 pm
Arya39Stark Resident Arya39Stark (Saphronicus Stronghold) 8:08:35 pm
Skye2012 (The Ruins) Passion Askham (ICE ISLAND--Skadi Dreyma Vikings) 6:22:06 pm
Savanna Nova (Tri'Moon Panthers) Skye2012 (The Ruins) 6:21:43 pm
plsdonthurtme (Blackwater Mers) MicheleFermion 6:21:40 pm
plsdonthurtme (Blackwater Mers) LauraSofia1992 (Belnend) 6:20:39 pm
lauriax Resident kezvyper (ICE ISLAND--Skadi Dreyma Vikings) 6:20:29 pm
TheSav Ansar (Tri'Moon Panthers) Erica Thorne 6:20:28 pm
Xxotic Cyberstar (Tri'Moon Panthers) Tamarain (Tri'Moon Panthers) 6:20:24 pm
Savanna Nova (Tri'Moon Panthers) Skye2012 (The Ruins) 6:20:23 pm
plsdonthurtme (Blackwater Mers) shukhia 6:20:08 pm
Xxotic Cyberstar (Tri'Moon Panthers) TheSav Ansar (Tri'Moon Panthers) 6:20:03 pm
Ginger Gill (Tri'Moon Panthers) Savanna Nova (Tri'Moon Panthers) 6:20:00 pm
plsdonthurtme (Blackwater Mers) kezvyper (ICE ISLAND--Skadi Dreyma Vikings) 6:19:05 pm
lauriax Resident shukhia 6:19:04 pm
lauriax Resident MicheleFermion 6:18:54 pm
shukhia Skye2012 (The Ruins) 6:18:52 pm


Attacker Captured Date
Darksparrow Hilf 2020·07·28 2:12:00 pm
Darksparrow Goldream95 2020·07·27 1:27:26 pm
Darksparrow Hilf 2020·07·27 1:25:24 pm
Darksparrow Typhoon666 2020·07·15 8:00:58 am
Darksparrow Onikuma 2020·07·11 11:18:57 pm
Raijin Winkler Kiliank 2020·07·11 10:49:09 am
Raijin Winkler Iklin Loxely 2020·07·11 10:48:41 am
Darksparrow Typhoon666 2020·07·11 10:36:45 am
MicheleFermion eddie Dashuria 2020·07·09 5:04:22 pm
Cameron Xenno LauraSofia1992 2020·06·30 7:27:06 pm


Attacker Bound Date
Darksparrow Typhoon666 2020·07·11 10:37:47 am
sunnie Crumb LauraSofia1992 2020·06·30 7:31:27 pm
keymosabi MicheleFermion 2020·06·30 7:28:41 pm
MicheleFermion sosla Beck 2020·06·30 6:56:33 pm
Skye2012 Passion Askham 2020·06·28 6:22:06 pm
plsdonthurtme MicheleFermion 2020·06·28 6:21:40 pm
plsdonthurtme LauraSofia1992 2020·06·28 6:20:39 pm
lauriax kezvyper 2020·06·28 6:20:29 pm
plsdonthurtme shukhia 2020·06·28 6:20:08 pm
Roseredbaby Avro Roseredbaby Avro 2020·06·27 6:13:24 am


Player Date
Roseredbaby Avro 2020·07·03 7:22:05 pm
Roseredbaby Avro 2020·06·27 6:12:39 am


Killer Victim Date
- - -


Aider Aided Date
Devaki Daines Kiliank 2020·07·11 10:51:05 am
TheSav Ansar Erica Thorne 2020·06·28 6:20:28 pm
Xxotic Cyberstar Tamarain 2020·06·28 6:20:24 pm
Savanna Nova Skye2012 2020·06·28 6:20:23 pm
Xxotic Cyberstar TheSav Ansar 2020·06·28 6:20:03 pm
Ginger Gill Savanna Nova 2020·06·28 6:20:00 pm
Savanna Nova Skye2012 2020·06·28 6:13:35 pm
jambo Ansar doll McKeenan 2020·06·26 7:13:32 pm
juventino Loening Creative Enchantment 2020·06·26 7:12:01 pm
LilyStarz Sarahjo 2020·06·26 7:11:42 pm


# Stealer Victim State Date
gzBckCLV... eddie Dashuria Subantha Completed 2020·07·13 5:50:45 am
Cq7gPxLn... Lush Ordinary Passion Askham Completed 2020·06·24 5:51:29 pm