Registered 2017-04-23 14:47:15
K/D 1:1.89
Binds 1.02:1
Bandages 1.02:1


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  • Could You Knot?
    I couldn't spin this one, sorry. (100xp)
  • The Mummy Returns
    Somehow you manage to spend most of your time bound. (25xp)
  • Viva La Resistance
    The sun is setting, it's time for the resistance to rise! (5xp)
  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



TickTak Spunkee1 2:08:05 pm Siba
mirra91 Spunkee1 2:06:34 pm Siba
LaoiseFischer (Enigma) Spunkee1 2:03:57 pm Siba
Spunkee1 LaoiseFischer (Enigma) 2:03:55 pm Siba
Spunkee1 Venat Starlight 1:59:20 pm Siba
SuperLocrian Spunkee1 1:50:27 pm Siba
SuperLocrian Spunkee1 1:41:48 pm Siba
Spunkee1 Becky Weimes 12:06:13 pm Teslit Forest
Spunkee1 Michael Wiseman 11:46:45 am Teslit Forest

Spunkee1 Martinka11 2:32:44 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 Furry Fireguard (Dark Sword Outlaws) 2:32:03 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 Elena Audebarn (Asgard) 2:31:38 pm Heimdall`s Watch
TickTak Spunkee1 2:30:49 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Elena Audebarn (Asgard) Spunkee1 2:26:35 pm Heimdall`s Watch

WasabiAttack (Kalana Woods) Spunkee1 1:37:30 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 WasabiAttack (Kalana Woods) 1:37:29 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 sarasd Karu 1:36:50 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 AnnaMadeline 1:36:02 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Denzel Coy (Reavers of the Thassa) Spunkee1 1:35:51 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Rickie Rabeni Spunkee1 1:33:25 pm Heimdall`s Watch
Spunkee1 WasabiAttack (Kalana Woods) 12:53:06 pm Teslit Forest
NyotaNyah Spunkee1 12:37:48 pm Teslit Forest
BronxGirl2010 (Teslit Forest) Spunkee1 12:33:18 pm Teslit Forest

Spunkee1 Hacci Shamrock 3:22:14 pm Notorious Rogues Com...
Spunkee1 todora 3:21:25 pm Notorious Rogues Com...
Blk Cloud Spunkee1 3:20:46 pm Notorious Rogues Com...
VerdasNavaali (TORCA) Spunkee1 3:18:59 pm Notorious Rogues Com...
Spunkee1 Blk Cloud 3:16:20 pm Notorious Rogues Com...
Blk Cloud Spunkee1 3:16:17 pm Notorious Rogues Com...

Spunkee1 kostasgreece (Asgard) 1:08:32 pm Asgard Wrath
Kalel Crazyboi Spunkee1 1:08:07 pm Asgard Wrath
RoddySparrow Spunkee1 1:06:10 pm Asgard Wrath
Spunkee1 kathy56703 1:04:11 pm Asgard Wrath
Venat Starlight Spunkee1 1:02:10 pm Asgard Wrath
Spunkee1 sophia Swords 1:02:04 pm Asgard Wrath