'Gιяl σи Fιяε'


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K/D 1:1.2
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亗Gιяl σи Fιяε亗

We live in a world where smiling no longer means being nice to you. Where kissing doesn't mean feeling at all. Where confessions don't mean love. Where everyone is lonely and nobody tries to change it. Where words lose all meaning because lies are all around.


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  • Long Way Down
    Gravity's a bitch. (50xp)



XxYouBabYxX XxYouBabYxX 2:31:54 pm TORCA
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XxYouBabYxX gardeniazz2013 2:27:48 pm Marsh Wood
XxYouBabYxX alessiana81 (Asgard Wrath) 2:26:05 pm Marsh Wood
alessiana81 (Asgard Wrath) XxYouBabYxX 2:26:05 pm Marsh Wood
CICLON Admiral XxYouBabYxX 2:25:09 pm Marsh Wood
Zenahria (Legendary Of Gor) XxYouBabYxX 2:23:15 pm Marsh Wood
XxYouBabYxX Lucian Silverfall (Marsh Wood) 2:22:05 pm Marsh Wood
MuffyHoney XxYouBabYxX 2:03:55 pm Norvillian Outlaws
sunshine Mellow (Norvillian Outlaws) XxYouBabYxX 2:02:36 pm Norvillian Outlaws
XxYouBabYxX SoleSaver (Norsvald) 1:12:45 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX IIXIXII 1:12:13 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX wirginia Ghost 1:11:45 pm Norsvald
wirginia Ghost XxYouBabYxX 1:11:44 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX Creative Enchantment 1:10:59 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX SnipeNoPaws (Norsvald) 1:10:48 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX SoleSaver (Norsvald) 1:10:32 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX IIXIXII 1:09:52 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX Creative Enchantment 1:08:12 pm Norsvald
rubenyosef47 (Jade Isle) XxYouBabYxX 1:04:31 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX rubenyosef47 (Jade Isle) 1:04:15 pm Norsvald
XxYouBabYxX Brakein Bracken (Norsvald) 1:02:22 pm Norsvald

MuffyHoney XxYouBabYxX 1:13:37 pm TORCA
MuffyHoney XxYouBabYxX 1:12:33 pm TORCA
MuffyHoney XxYouBabYxX 1:06:37 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX sunshine Mellow (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:05:42 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX ole Hyun 12:42:27 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX Ka0s Runner (Kalana Woods) 12:41:48 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX tequilamaya (Legendary Of Gor) 12:38:57 pm TORCA
HikoKatsu (Marsh Wood) XxYouBabYxX 12:03:50 pm TORCA
HikoKatsu (Marsh Wood) XxYouBabYxX 12:02:36 pm TORCA
HimeKatsu (Marsh Wood) XxYouBabYxX 12:01:02 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX BespredeL 12:00:45 pm TORCA
XxYouBabYxX Denzel Coy (Marsh Wood) 11:59:48 am TORCA