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Bandages 1:1.2


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Respect Is Earned

Honesty is Appreciated

Trust is Gained

Loyalty is Returned

A true warrior is defined by those who fight beside him/her and not by pounding ones chest and screaming how bad ass you are. Only one you're fooling is yourself.

I some times do not wear sheaths as lag or prim wear at times prevents it...but they are there... Limits in Picks.




  • Homebound
    You now have somewhere to call home. (25xp)



BellerophonAvenger Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:20:01 pm HochBurg
BellerophonAvenger Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:18:06 pm HochBurg
LaoiseFischer (HochBurg) Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:15:49 pm HochBurg
todora Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:11:36 pm HochBurg
Gioia Burner Reliustarl (TORCA) 3:07:53 pm HochBurg
Gloriousxsm (Valeron) Reliustarl (TORCA) 3:03:14 pm HochBurg

Euryalina (Marsh Wood) Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:33:39 pm HochBurg
Zenahria (Legendary Of Gor) Reliustarl (TORCA) 5:31:28 pm HochBurg

Orlando Burgess Reliustarl (TORCA) 8:25:02 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Lucaus Reliustarl (TORCA) 8:21:40 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Reliustarl (TORCA) Drakon420 (HochBurg) 8:21:13 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Reliustarl (TORCA) LiLDesire Destiny 8:21:06 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
ElisabethMikaelis (Tri'Moon Panthers and Darkport Pirates) Reliustarl (TORCA) 7:47:50 pm Tri'Moon Panthers and ...
ElisabethMikaelis (Tri'Moon Panthers and Darkport Pirates) Reliustarl (TORCA) 7:45:51 pm Tri'Moon Panthers and ...

Reliustarl (TORCA) keymosabi (TORCA) 1:39:36 pm TORCA
Thalia Whybrow Reliustarl (TORCA) 1:33:42 pm TORCA
Azerbain (TORCA) Reliustarl (TORCA) 1:17:30 pm Dark Sword Outlaws
Reliustarl (TORCA) unholy Toxx (Norvillian Outlaws) 1:16:25 pm Dark Sword Outlaws

Hilf (Ascalon Empire) Reliustarl (TORCA) 12:46:30 pm TORCA
Hilf (Ascalon Empire) Reliustarl (TORCA) 12:44:33 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Ricard Collas (HochBurg) 10:50:26 am TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) xXmalatiXx (HochBurg) 10:49:30 am TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Uranis (HochBurg) 10:48:51 am TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Spunkee1 10:48:19 am TORCA

Chase Latzo (HochBurg) Reliustarl (TORCA) 4:33:25 pm TORCA
Chrissy Ravenhurst (Secret Bay) Reliustarl (TORCA) 4:30:53 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Chrissy Ravenhurst (Secret Bay) 4:30:53 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Sayu Pancake 4:30:49 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) AnnaMadeline (Argentum Mines) 4:30:42 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Kitten Cloud 4:30:38 pm TORCA
Reliustarl (TORCA) Azerbain (TORCA) 4:30:20 pm TORCA
Kiff Cloud (Dark Sword Outlaws) Reliustarl (TORCA) 3:55:58 pm TORCA

Nasti Deed (Valeron) Reliustarl (TORCA) 8:48:03 pm TORCA
Hypr Nova (Valeron) Reliustarl (TORCA) 8:47:50 pm TORCA
Nasti Deed (Valeron) Reliustarl (TORCA) 8:46:01 pm TORCA